Only Bad Actors

by Alex Brenchley

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released May 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Alex Brenchley London, UK

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Track Name: Stop Complaining
Stop complaining
About the children on the telephone
Let's make enemies
That's how I pretend to be
Friends with rhythmic entities
Track Name: Punctuation
Hiding your serious face
You put your anti-suit on

Now that we live in the two thousand and teens
Too many are hyper aware of avoiding irony

Now your suit and your tie are a question mark
And that glint in your eye is a stab in the dark

You remind me, my love, of several times we gave up
We were the drain and the dreamer
Caught between disdain and misdemeanour

Now that your skirt is something to hang your wife from
You play in the dirt with a semi-colon
Track Name: Mozarts
She huffs and puffs about the horizon
Enough for us to rest our easy eye on

The buckle of the belt flashes as it dangles
Wasting away and everything we gambled.

The bust cries for the torso
England for the lasso
Sometimes people call you (a giraffe)

The criminally kind never go to prison
But patronise the blind with modern ways to listen
Stubborn tiny minds fall into position
Sharpening the scalps with their quick decisions

The shimmer of the skin as the day departs
Each one of us a million Mozarts
Track Name: Joking Apart
Listening to the window is a pane
I think the two of you are off on one again

I could paint a thousand words
But surely you get the picture
If the joke comes at no one's expense
Surely we're none the richer

You should know you're too forward with your background story
I'd interject if it didn't bore me
I'll stand up for the sitting out
Raise your glass to the rising eyebrow

Just when I think I've nailed it
You come at me like a hammer
I try to avoid being impaled
Me and my reflexive grammar

I wish that I could rhyme mature with manure
I think it's funny
But then again, I'm not sure
Track Name: A Home In You
In between the city and the stone surrounding
Underneath the ruins left to rest

There's a home in you
A home always near

Stranded by the district and the burrough
Baffled by the king and by the brother

Dividing seasons by the daylight
Hiding in the crossfire of the clouds
Track Name: Of The Roses
I could dream
That things aren't what they seem
But I, I could not believe
That people don't want masses and masses and masses to grieve

It doesn't have to be of the roses
Let's rub noses
It doesn't have to be of the roses
We don't have to be the Red Sea
As it's seen by Moses

Though all of the rights to the land's been agreed
Confusion lays bare
When Want becomes mixed up by Need
Track Name: London
Oh darling,
You come from the north of my country
But everything comes to the south
To London Town

Can you cast a country-wide silhouette?
Can you turn a teardrop into a river-ette?
Can you make the north and south connect?
Oh darling, come to London Town

Can you reduce the rails on the train track?
Can you cut London a little slack?
Can you make my only love come back?
Oh darling, come to London Town

Can you find a way to mend this polar rift?
Do you remember before the Great Vowel Shift?
Can you make London be more uplifted?
Oh darling, come to London Town
Oh darling, come to London now
Track Name: Broadcasting
You and your own
In the corner
Calling you
In the corner

Confusing your
Track Name: I Know
I know you've got to make it by yourself
But don't you think so does everyone else?

I know, I know
It's different 'cos it's you
Well we both know that
That just isn't true
Track Name: Graduate
Little boy, I saw you graduate
And become the boy you thought you'd always hate

And you were right because now you hate yourself
Time to take the history book of the shelf

And write it again

You don't have to be the boy you know you'll always hate
Track Name: Unfinished Stubs
I'm with Alex Groves on this one
When you're with your friends
Sometimes there is a pressure to be yourself

Something Martin said to me
People only think of others
As having one personality

Unfinished stubs will burn you out
Have your fill of dreams
Half fulfill your dreams

This is the end of you
Because there's nothing left you have
To say or to do
What a stupid thing to say
you know there's so much...
Track Name: We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us (for Walt Kelly)
The wind chill's picking up
It's time to go
This is no domestic drill
It's a house in disrepute

We have met the enemy and it is us

Calling out the names of mum and dad's designs
Flicking through the pages
Only reading down the sides

We have met the enemy and it is us

Fighting yourself for all that your worth
Defeated, you have won the right to drive your own hearse

Duty sits beside the accolade's you're due
Filtering the voices til all you hear is you

We have met the enemy and it is us
Track Name: We're Traveling At Night, Somebody Let Me Drive
The sun is your skin
Don't let too much in
Safety first

We're traveling at night, somebody let me drive
I'm sure I can

Cover me with holes
Smother me for a long time in your water

I'm on the mend
I'm always arriving

It takes just one of your love's initials to make slaughter laughter